SF3 · Acting Sequence


Acting, acting, acting

This third course is destined to animators “middle” that feel like reaching the next level. It often deals with animators that make some series tv from some and they don’t have yet or they don’t have the eye anymore for the details that make of a mediocre animation an animation high-end.

Since there’s a lot to say, this masterclass is 4 weeks long, but the theory takes only the mornings, while during the afternoon we’ll work on a common project, based on a S’F bouquet scenario (check out our Projects)

Depending on their availability and the scenario the masterclass is based on, some “special guests” could join the class, as supervisor/teacher or to give their own specifical masterclass (gesture drawing, acting for animation, mime and pantomime, cinematography, storytelling, etc.)

4 weeks of masterclass

(160 HOURS > 20 DAYS)

Description Hours %
Workshop 58,5 73.1
Theory 8,5 10.6
Exercises 13 16.3